sâmbătă, 27 august 2011

Different vps servers for your business

If you currently have a website that gets a lot of traffic but are using shared hosting it may be time for a change. While shared hosting gives you an affordable hosting plan each month it may be hurting you in the long run. If you exceed your bandwidth it’s a possibility that the service provider will suspend your entire site for a specific amount of time. On the other hand if another person’s site is constantly causing the server to go down it may affect your business due to your site not being up all of the time. If this is the case you may want to look into dedicated servers to keep this from happening.

The two main types of vps servers are unmanaged and managed. However, for those who have worked with vps servers. before and have the time to handle everything on their own often choose to go with the unmanaged.

Shared hosting is when several different people share the space on a single server. By looking at dedicated servers and purchasing one will give you the freedom to have control over your own hosting. When you have your own server you will be the only one using it so you won’t have to worry about other users affecting your website at anytime.

Once you have decided to browse through the different types of dedicated servers you will need to determine which kind is right for you. The main three types of dedicated servers include fully managed, partially managed and self managed. The fully managed is a perfect option for those individuals who do not have the time or know how to run their own server.
Partially managed is good for those who have some understanding of how to run their own server but still need assistance from the service provider. The self managed dedicated servers are for those individuals who have the time and know how to run their own server. Keep in mind you will be required to setup your own server, install and maintain security features, updating or keeping backups of your own data. This one is usually the lowest of the three since the service provider doesn’t have to manage anything for you. However, if you are looking for a good server but do not want to manage it you may want to let them do it for you. Even though you may spend a bit more money in the long run the benefits will outweigh the fees.

By having a server of your own you control everything from the amount of emails that can be created, the amount of space that is allotted for your website and more. You will have tons of space and bandwidth will help to ensure that you always have the adequate amount for your own site. You can also choose to host other websites as well on your server for additional income. There are many benefits to having your own server and once you have one you more than likely won’t go back to shared hosting.